About the Newcastle Men's Shed


Who are NMS?


•      Established in 2014

•       ACNC registered charity not-for-profit association

•      Principle Activity – Advancing the Health and Well being of MEN

•      Purpose - Operation and Management of a facility that enables men of all ages to come together and do activities in a practical way that encourages the development of good health, self-esteem and support for each other and the community in general.

The members of Newcastle Men’s Shed come from all different backgrounds. We encourage both men and women to join our shed, meet to be a mentoring support to each other and act as a support to people who are in need of our charity support work. We are members of the Australian Men’s Shed Association, and are incorporated.


•      We Manage and Operate the Newcastle Men’s Shed in a manner that maintains and applies the principles of a Healthy Settings approach to Health Promotion.

•      We use Its Key Operational Principles of Community Participation, Partnerships, Empowerment, and Equity to create an maintain an Environment that facilitates positive health outcomes for our members and the broader community.

•      Members have access to our Direct and Indirect Interventions that promote ways of addressing isolation and loneliness in men.

•      These Interventions have a positive impact on lonely and isolated individuals, community well being, and the health system as a whole as well as preventing disease

Our Community Participation involves members at the heart of all activities.

            Members represent the Shed on various community committees.

            Members also regularly attend workshops; presentations and exhibitions lead by health experts.

            Men’s Shed Youth mentoring program.

            Men’s Shed – Hunter Cluster which has 22 other Sheds who network with each other.

Health Specific groups whose information and resources we make available to members.

            Community projects

Our Partnerships strategy is available to industries with predominately male work forces in the area who recognize the benefits of Shed membership for their workers who may be nearing retirement or facing life changes effecting their ability to work. We aim to work with these organisations to assist them apply their skills and resources to gain increased influence over the determinants of employee health and address priorities that meet their needs.


Our Community Partners contribute to the Newcastle Men’s Shed through our Give Now portal these regular ongoing donations are used to meet our premise rental obligations and contribute to our long-term goal of building or buying our own premises by 2025. Something that will truly be Community owned.

All the sheds activities are based on individual Empowerment, self-development and healing in a safe supportive environment that provides members with information and skills to be able to use their own resources to address life's challenges.

•      Our Inclusive management practices maintain an atmosphere were everyone has a sense of belonging; feels respected, valued and seen for who they are as individuals; and feels a level of supportive energy and commitment   from fellow members.



Equity is about all members having the necessary knowledge and skills and access to information to achieve and maintain good health and well being while focusing on the issues most relevant to their lives.


•      “More males die at every stage of life. Males have more accidents, are more likely to take their own lives and are more prone to lifestyle-related chronic health conditions than women and girls at the same age.” Statement by The Hon. Greg Hunt MP Minister for Health June 2018



The Newcastle Men’s Shed Healthy Settings approach to Health Promotion ensure members:

  • Realize they are not alone. Members soon discover that while it’s true that each of us is unique and may have unique circumstances, none of us is alone in our struggles.

  • Have an environment that facilitates giving and receiving support. Members are actually encouraged to turn to each other for support, feedback and connection. An example being: A member feels isolated and lonely, and doesn’t know how to make friends. Other members support him by listening when he talks and engaging with him, which by itself decreases his sense of isolation. The members also share their own experiences. And they share how they’ve navigated loneliness or overcome isolation, offering hope, inspiration, encouragement, and sometimes suggestions.

  • Find their voice. Voice is about becoming aware of your own feelings and needs and expressing them. Many people don’t know how they are feeling when they are interacting with other people, because it can be challenging to be self-connected when connecting with others.

  • Relate to others and themselves in healthier ways and provides the opportunity to see that they have way more choices available to them for how they relate to others. It helps men get out of relational ruts, liberates them to get unstuck from patterns of relating that are not serving them.

  • Feel a sense of belonging and being valued by each other. This sense of being connected is usually fostered by interactions that are positive in nature. The feeling of trusting others and being safe are central to members' feelings of acceptance

Workshop Activities

Workshop activities at the Newcastle Men’s Shed are projects which may involve wood-turning, scroll saw use, making bird boxes and letter boxes. Members who come along to the Shed define what we do in the workshop activities. If you decide you want to make a windmill or BBQ tables and other members in the shed have a similar interest, then you could probably help each other.

New members need to become qualified to use our equipment to help prevent unsafe workshop practices, so we have an induction session which needs to be completed.

Our shed is obtaining more equipment every month and our workshop activities are on the increase. We are always on the lookout for new members and even if you have your own workshop at home, you can use all the extra tools in our workshop that you may not have at home.

Metal Working

We have workshop activities in metal lathe work, arc welding, Mig welding, Tig welding,sheet metal work and many other Shed activities. We have retired members expert in these fields that are happy to pass on their knowledge So, come along to the Shed and get involved.

If you have any suggestions for Shed activities, these can be further discussed at our monthly meetings. New ideas are always welcomed.

Men's Health

People who are isolated and without a purpose can get depressed. They can become withdrawn and not relate to others very well. We would encourage men to come along and meet other people, in an environment where they feel welcomed and accepted.

Many men suffer from heart related problems and changing their lifestyle can have a positive impact on their wellness. A simple chat with other men who have similar health issues can be very educational and empowering. It is a known fact that men talk shoulder to shoulder and not face to face. Men mentoring each other can be a very powerful thing.

On occasions we have guest speakers at our Meetings to speak on various topics, including men’s health.


Committee | 2018 - 2019

  • President: Neville Pollock

  • Vice President: Eddie Horn

  • Secretary: Wayne Grant

  • Treasurer: Robert Wilkinson

  • Committee:Drew Davison, Chris Reeve, Grahame Stoddard, Paul Schiebaan Russell Stretton. Kevin Moon

  • Grants Sponsorship & Public Officer, Paul Schiebaan,

  • First Aid Officer- Grahame Stoddard

  • IT Coordinator - Russell Stretton.

  • Test and Tag Committee- Grahame Stoddard, Drew Davison

  • Safety Officer-Drew Davison

  • Projects and Marketing Officer-Chris Reeves

  • Social event officer-Kevin Moon

Upcoming Events:

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