What if my interests are more creative than construction-based?

Then we want you! We encourage diversity of interests among our members, as this broadens the experience of the Shed as a whole. We currently have a band that performs together regularly, and we're developing our relationship with the local arts scene. 

Ultimately, the Shed's activities are guided by our members. We're here to provide you with opportunities for mateship, growth and purpose. We welcome all areas on interest that contribute to this overarching goal. 


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Do I need trade experience to join?

Definitely not - we welcome members from all industries and backgrounds. Whilst many of our projects are hands on, we also have a band, run educational events and are developing networks with the local creative arts community. 

We celebrate the diversity of experience present at our shed, and appreciate the value that each member brings along with them. Why not check out some of our upcoming events?


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